Nov 25, 2018

Quote of the Day

The boycott is in place until El Al apologizes..

  -- Rav Shalom Ber Sorotzkin, announcing tonight a Haredi boycott of El Al until El Al apologizes for their behavior in the recent fiasco....

Rabbi Sorotzkin canceled his flight scheduled for tonight and rebooked it on a different airline, and said this boycott will remain effective until El Al apologizes.. the othe roption is that it will stay in place until the other airline's Friday flight to Israel gets delayed and is not willing to detour to another country to let him off before Shabbos but continues on to Israel with Rabbi Sorotzkin, and/or others, no the plane landing on Shabbos.. With El Al the only airline willing to divert a plane to avoid a Shabbos landing, let's see how long this lasts.. or else they will learn to avoid scheduling a flight that will land shortly before Shabbos

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  1. Let the charedim boycott, perhaps El Al will then start flying on Shaboss and that will bring to real chilul Shaboss.


  2. This Is supposed to be issue for Dati as
    when they resigned from Gov't over Jets landing on Shabbat in 1976

    El Al signed and put up bail they wouldn’t do something like this
    a few years ago

  3. Or maybe people for whom Shabbat is important will stop booking flights that are scheduled to land less than 12 hours before Shabbat starts. Then airlines whose clientele is predominantly religious will simply cancel such flights (or fill them with people who don't care).

    Before the advent of jet travel, the halacha was not to start a sea/desert voyage less than 3 days before Shabbat. Why hasn't any halachic authority come out with a clear corollary for air travel?


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