Nov 14, 2018

elections? Again?

Just when you thought election season was finally over and we could get back to our normal lives and normal programming... Lieberman has to go and resign and almost definitely take us back into another election mess...

The most interesting aspect, in my mind, of this, is to see how it will affect the IDF Draft Law that has been waiting to be adjusted and passed. Now, if we do end up in elections, and likely even if not, that law might never pass and this could become a big problem for the Haredi parties...

The bright side is the strong possibility of another day off of work in the near future.

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1 comment:

  1. That's not all. The following post as per link The Gazan Firestorms of Terror have effectively distracted Israeli Defense and Political needed .focus on the Palestinian Authority in Partnership with The European Union in their massive land grabs in Area " C . " The map --- as per above link --- indicates they are developing the foundations of a functioning state in geographic realities.
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