Nov 25, 2018

The Song for Airbnb that Facebook didn’t want you to see! (video)

On Wednesday afternoon at 3pm we uploaded a short song we wrote, which was directed at Airbnb for their recent, blatantly anti-Semitic policies. We included a subtle, polite suggestion that they stay out of politics or people would boycott them, in the same way that they attempted to boycott Israel. It went viral. We had never seen anything like it.. And then just like the kind of magic trick that leaves you feeling violated, facebook removed our video (without any prior warning or justification). Vanished into thin air. Thankfully, “Stand with us” had uploaded their own version of it which is still doing the rounds and has been viewed close to 100,000 times (see link below). We won’t be bullied and we want the truth to be heard loud and clear; so we went into the studio today to re-record a full length studio version of the song. Please share it and help get the truth out.

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