Nov 19, 2018

Proposed Law: Vaccinations and schools

Two law proposals dealing with vaccinations began their process of approval into law yesterday. This has taken on some urgency due to the recent outbreak of measles.

1. MKs Yoel Hasson (Hamachane Hatzioni) and Shuli Mualem Refaeli (Habayit Hayehudi) have proposed that the State take a proactive role in encouraging vaccinations among those who refuse to vaccinate their children. According to this proposal, supported by the Medical Union and by the Union of Pediatricians, the Ministry of Health will keep track of unvaccinated children, will send warning letters to the parents about the dangers and risks, will invite such parents to meeting sin which the issues will be explained to them, and will be required to sign a waiver if they continue to refuse the vaccinations. Ignoring the meetings will come at the price of losing a full tax credit point worth 2000nis. Also, the Health Ministry will be allowed to keep unvaccinated children out of schools if there is ever a concern of outbreak of a disease.

2. MK Merav Ben Ari (Kulanu) has proposed a law that would require all schools to not allow any unvaccinated people in in case of an outbreak of a disease that has a vaccination. This would include any unvaccinated children, teachers or anyone else.

Both proposals passed the vote in the Knesset Legislative Committee and will make their way to the Knesset for further voting and passage into law.
source: Ynet

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1 comment:

  1. The original version of the first proposal was harsher (for example, having to pay extra Bituach Leumi), and then it got sent to the Health Ministry. Guess what happened.

    Tax breaks don't mean much to people who don't pay taxes.


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