Nov 21, 2018

Picture of the Day

Caption Contest!
1. Aliza Bloch is not afraid to get her hands dirty!
2. Aliza Bloch's new office
3. I thought I voted Bloch for mayor, not for garbage collector!
4. Aliza Bloch interning with the garbage collectors in case her new job does not work out..

On a more serious note, Bloch started her term with a meeting and tour of the city with the garbage collectors to see what the issues and challenges around town are. A plan is being put together in the coming days to give the city a face-lift and clean it up.

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  1. These are not the collectors. They are managers.

  2. Maybe the business is cleaner here than in city hall

  3. She needed an entire garbage truck to clean up City Hall!

  4. if she was trying to do that, 1 wouldn't be enough!


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