Nov 21, 2018

trials of a 61 MK coalition

With the government functioning on a narrow coalition of 61MKs, and after immediately taking a loss to the Opposition in voting just the other day, and with the Opposition deciding to not offset missing MKs for votes, coalition chairman MK Dudi Amsalem has ordered all coalition MKs to cancel any and all scheduled trips abroad in the near future and to make sure to be present in the Knesset for all votes. Opposition leaders have ordered the same for opposition MKs.
source: Ynet

This helped immediately, as just today the coalition won a series of votes with the narrowest of margins. it required a sick MK to come in with her IV drip, but they won the votes.

If I were the leader of the Opposition, I would arrange now, for any vote that has all 61 coalition MKs present, to send some of the opposition MKs out or tell them to not show up, just to frustrate the coalition MKs that had to cancel their trips and they'll think they did not really need to.

61 MK coalitions are good for keeping things interesting...

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  1. You have a wonderful mean streak!

  2. Just wondering why the coalition needed all 61 members there to pass something. If all 59 opposition members vote one way and one coalition member is not there, the coalition will win 60-59. Was it really necessary to drag MK Haskell back from the hospital?


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