Nov 15, 2018

Naftali Bennett to the Defense Ministry?

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett said something interesting about his ultimatum for the Prime Minister to transfer the Defense Ministry to him or else Habayit Hayehudi will resign form the government coalition..

Bennett said that all his advisers have been telling him that he doesn't need this headache and demanding the defense portfolio now is a big political mistake. Bennett said he is ignoring them and demanding it because the defense of Israel is the end-game, the ultimate objective, while politics is just a means.

I dont know if Naftali Bennett is the right guy for the job. I am almost completely sure that he is far more qualified for the job and responsibility than Avigdor Lieberman was.

I also don't know, at this point, what the point of the Defense Minister is. Everyone is worried about Bennett being given this job and him being all gung-ho to go to war.. but what can he really do? Netanyahu controls the decision whether or not to go to war, not the Minister of Defense. He can be more forceful perhaps and try to push Netanyahu to agree to go to war, but Bennett cannot really do anything - if Netanyahu doesn't want to go to war, nothing Bennett says will push Netanyahu to war. Netanyahu rushed back from Paris to deal with the situation - why wasn't the Minister of Defense allowed to deal with it, as it would seem to be under his authority? Clearly the Minister of Defense does not have the authority to really deal with security and defense, so I am not even sure what Bennett thinks he will be able to do in this office, if Netanyahu is even willing to give it to him.

If that is correct, Netanyahu can even give it to him, if just to save his government for a little bit longer, and rest easy, knowing that Bennett can't really do much with it anyway.

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  1. As the Minister of Education he said that he worked to weaken the universities "cartel" and that "if the opinion of the universities were accepted, the Technion would not have been built" (there were none, the Technion was the first)...
    I would expect that as the Minister of Defense he will work to weaken the army, especially technological units: too many snowflakes, enemies of Israel, leftists there.
    The best Defense Minister of the last years was removed because he did not agree that Elor Azaria is a hero.

  2. A MidWest American perspective
    not congruent & out of touch


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