Nov 25, 2018

Chabad "Loving Shabbos" Response in Tiberias

Ron Kobi recently celebrated his victory as mayor of Tiberias with a street party along the boardwalk on Shabbos, calling for businesses and booths to open and enjoy the party and cash in, at the expense of Shabbos. Kobi wanted it specifically on Shabbos, to set the tone for his new administration.

Some people around town got angry. Besides for vocally opposing it, and eventually turning to protests, there probably is not much they can do about it.

The local Chabad yeshiva had a better response. The local Tiberias Chabad yeshiva ran a program called "Loving Shabbat". This past Shabbos, one week after Ron Kobi's chilul shabbos party, students form the Chabad yeshiva were out distributing wine bottles and challa loaves to passerby in the boardwalk area, along with singing and dancing.
source: Actualic

That's a nice initiative. I don't think it will cause an immediate decrease in chilul shabbos, but it is a nice initiative that is a kiddush hashem and can show people a pleasant "face" and put Shabbos in a  nice light, and maybe some people will increase their own shmiras shabbos, even if just a bit.

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  1. What a chilul H' that a mayor in one of the four holy cities of EY would purposely make a chilul Shabbos party to entice Jews to mechalel the Shabbat. It's almost liking being in bizzaro world. Hopefully, the righteous people of Teverya will prevail against the kofer.


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