Nov 26, 2018

El Al fails to placate the passengers of 002 despite compensation

El Al published an "apology" letter in an effort to placate the upset and maligned passengers from flight 002 and to try to fix their public image a bit.

El Al finds it necessary to clarify, as it has already done in a statement to the press on November 19, that it put no guilt or blame upon the secular, religious or haredi communities in the incident that was reported.
Any publicity was done without any El Al knowledge.
El Al does not distinguish between passengers by sector or race or nationality in any way.
The administration of El Al backs up and values the air crew and the ground crew of the relevant flight for the work they did that was שגצןרשנךקץ
El Al has decided to grant a two-way ticket to Europe to each of the400 passengers due to the inconvenience caused to the company's clientele.

This is not an apology letter. There is no apology within. It is dismissive of the insult and pain caused to many of the passengers. I have no idea if the compensation is fair or not and will not comment on that, but the compensation, it seems to me, was a minor aspect of the issue and conflict. The main aspect the passengers were looking for was to have their pain and insult acknowledged by El Al and addressed. And El Al did not do that. I am sure every word of the letter was analyzed by their legal team to ensure no blame is taken in anyway so as not to open El Al up to any lawsuits, and as a corporation they need to be responsible for such concerns, yet with all the defensive protecting of themselves, they totally ignored the passengers they are trying to placate.

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  1. How about a statement that in future, flights like this will return to the gate before takeoff?


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