Nov 29, 2018

Bloch and Degel to talk about protecting Yiddishkeit

I have refrained from commenting on the various rumors about the coalition negotiations in Bet Shemesh until now. One point in a new article about this implores me to comment.

Kikar is reporting about the first official meeting between Mayor of Bet Shemesh Dr Aliza Bloch and representatives from Degel Hatorah to negotiate their entry into her coalition. I am going to continue to ignore the bulk of the topic, but there is one comment I want to make.

According to the article, city councilman Moshe Montag has said that they have sent to Bloch a list of their requests and conditions for entering the coalition - among them, "protecting yiddishkeit" in various issues. Montag says they have not received a response to that list, so they are assuming Bloch is not interested in them joining.

I don't know what she is interested in regarding Degel and what she is not interested. I also don't know what she thinks of their list of requests and how it fits with what other potential members have requested. Building a coalition and meshing the requests and demands of various parties can be complicated.

I do hope that when they meet this evening and Degel asks about her response to their requests/demands that Bloch will say something like that she did not even read their list of what and how they want her to commit to "protect yiddishkeit on various issues". She should say she is religious herself and cares about yiddishkeit as much as they do and she does not need to take orders from them on protecting yiddishkeit and they should not think they are in charge of everyone's yiddishkeit.

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  1. Why do you take issue with them bringing up things that are important to their constituency?

  2. I think the way it was put (I dont know what the specific requests were) is very insulting as if she is not religious and doesnt care about yiddishkeit and only they can be trusted in that realm. if they want more shuls or yeshivas or whatever, they can ask for that. saying we need you to commit to protect yiddishkeit is demeaning in my opinion

  3. that phrase is a way of demanding 'my way or the highway' form of judaism, as the only valid form

  4. Have Degel been in the coalition the last few years while the residents of RBS Gimmel have been without a mikva? (Causing great difficulty to the ladies, especially on Friday nights). I would suggest that keep very quiet about protecting yiddishkeit...


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