May 14, 2019

HELP US WIN $150K for a healthier Judaism!! (video)

HELP US WIN $150K for a healthier Judaism!! ALL WE NEED IS YOUR VOTE Vote here for "ORTHODOXY INCLUDES WOMEN" We've spent the past 6 years working towards a Judaism that is healthy, inclusive & true to Torah. We've fought against the erasure of women, we've pushed for the rights of agunot, we've raised awareness for women to know about breast cancer and how they can save themselves, we've advocated for women to be in policy making positions and have influence over the policies that affect them. Now we have a chance to make major strides with a high level conference of men and women who are experts in these issues and motivated to solve them. AND WE NEED YOU Please Take 10 seconds to vote for us and ask others to do the same. and PLEASE SHARE -- Its a numbers game now and we every vote counts! THANK YOU!!!!

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