May 30, 2019

Pride Parade(?) coming to Bet Shemesh

The Israeli organization of LGBT has published its list of upcoming events (by events I think the mean pride parades, but I am not sure - the website link for details about the upcoming event in Kfar Saba mentions a parade, but others future events listed so far offer no details). That list includes events in many smaller cities, such as Petach Tikva, Modiin, Ranana, Ramat Gan, Lod and many others. Surprisingly, the list includes an event in Bet Shemesh on July 25.

The first thought I had when I saw this was to remember that just a few years ago our [now former] mayor had said on television that there are no gays in Bet Shemesh (though he later walked that back and said he meant pedophiles). Perhaps the new mayor brought "the gays" with her to the city! Just joking.

I am not a fan of the spectacle created by anyone flaunting their sexuality and sexual preferences in public, and the pride parades are also often flamboyant, outlandish and somewhat shocking in what is on display on public. I am pretty confident that such an event, if it is a public event held in the streets of Bet Shemesh, will offend many local residents. Bet Shemesh is a town with a strong religious/haredi flavor, and even the non-religious portion of Bet Shemesh is mostly traditional. I hope that such an event will not start religious wars here - those are horrible, and since the municipal elections it has largely been pretty quiet on that front, and this is the type f event that can spark a renewal of those fights.

With many Jerusalem residents already trying to stop such events from happening in their city unsuccessfully, I am not really sure what can be done here. If it must be held, at least don't be overly provocative and push it through neighborhoods that will be opposed to it.

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  1. The sick reality that Israel is part of those nations who pride (pun intended) themselves in having these parades in practically every city in EY is mind boggling and we should fear that there will be eventual backlash from Heaven. H'yerachem!


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