May 26, 2019

Mayor Ron Kubi comments on the mess in Meron

Mayor of Tiberias Ron Kubi posted the following picture from post-LagBaomer Meron, shocked at the amount of garbage left behind and says this is what Tiberias was like as well before Pesach, and that everyone must understand that they should be concerned for the environment.

While Kubi didnt mention the Haredimm specifically, and lots of non-Haredim visited Meron on Lag Baomer as well, the Haredi news sites understood Kubi to be attacking the Haredim for this mess, and they took offense at this.

When an estimated half a million people come to a place over the course of one day to celebrate, especially in such a small area, I think it is reasonable to expect a mess will be caused. The authorities that had budgets to run the event and prepare for the event should have also included the need for post-event clean up. Maybe they did and this picture was simply taken before the clean up was finished. But even if they didn't the mess,  or at least a mess, is to be expected in such a situation - the question is if the administration is dealing with the clean up or not.

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