May 22, 2019

Mass graves from The Holocaust uncovered in Brisk

This is so painful to discover but at least these bodies will be brought to kever yisrael.

When digging on a construction site in the town of Brest-Litovsk in Belarus, otherwise known as Brisk, worker discovered a thousand bodies, in two mass graves. The bodies showed indications of having been executed. These are victims of a mass execution by the Nazis.

The discovery happened in February and they began work to remove the bodies. Zaka is now involved as well and volunteers have flown to Brisk to help recover the bodies and re-inter them elsewhere. It looks like they will be re-interred in the Severnoe cemetery, as per the suggestion of the governor in consultation with the Jewish community.

Personally I think the bodies of these kedoshim should be brought to Israel for burial

sources: Hamodia and Hamodia

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