May 27, 2019

Quote of the Day

If she wants to come back, she'll have to knock on the door very nicely

  -- MK Rav Rafi Peretz (Ichud Hayemin), about the possibility of Ayelet Shaked returning to run as part of Ichud Hayemin, the party she left with Naftali Bennett to form Hayemin Hechadash, if new elections become official.

Personally I don't think she should go back or will go back to Ichud Hayemin. That is not her natural home - it was good and fine when Bennett was in charge, as he represented the less torani part of that sector, but with the party having gone more torani with Rav Peretz at the helm, it isnt the right place for Shaked, even if Ichud Hayemin could benefit from being seen as being more diverse. Also, it is not likely Peretz and Smotritch will give her much authority. Ayelet Shaked wants to work and influence, and not be anybody's fig leaf. It is more likely she will either run again with Bennett or join the Likud or another [semi] secular party.

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