May 13, 2019

Picture of the Day

In this picture is Aryeh Eldad and Ben Caspit. Ben Caspit is a journalist and Professor Aryeh Eldad is a former MK (from Ichud Haleumi and Otzma LYisrael parties) and is a Har Habayit activist. Eldad and Caspit had a bet for the elections if Zehut would pass the threshold or not. Eldad bet that Zehut would not pass the threshold, and if he would be right Ben Caspit would have to go up to Har Habayit with him. Ben Caspit bet that Zehut would pass the threshold and if right Eldad would have to open a Twitter account.

As we know, Zehut did not make it into the Knesset, rendering Aryeh Eldad as the winner of the bet. The picture above is of Ben Caspit on Har Habayit with Aryeh Eldad. Eldad said that Caspit is honorable and respected the bet.

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  1. Did Eldad make sure Caspit went to the Mikva first?

    1. As it happens, the spot where they are standing is not on the halakhic Har HaBayit.

    2. Anon - I have no idea
      Nachum - true but irrelevant. the circuit on the path of Har Habayit goes through sections that are har habayit and sections that are not. at that moment they were standing on not-har habayit but two minutes later, or less, they would be on


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