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Dec 28, 2005

It's about time!

While this is pretty much what Moshe Feiglin has been saying for a number of years already.. he has been mainly rejected by most, even right wing, Israelis, until now.
The Right / Religious Zionism sets its sights on leading the country

The Religious public in Israel has never been interested in taking the leadership of the country in their hands. They have always been more concerned with salvaging what they could for their followers, generally by joining various coalitions that often even went against the religious interests on many issues but were willing to compromise on some. The religious have always been a divided group and very sectorial. Always worried about what it can get from the government - some money for yeshivas, some money for this, a bit of shabbat observance in public, etc...
Finally, they are realizing that with the birthrate factor, the voting power of the religious hs been and will continue increasing relative to the voting power of the general public. If someone can mobilize the religious/right to vote together, they can take much more power and influence than they have ever wielded before. It can happen and, eventually, will happen.

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