Nov 25, 2008

Wedding of the century (video)

The wedding of the century - literally! Marrying off a great great grandson. We should all live so long!

Mazel tov!

(HatTip: Gruntig via Modiin)


  1. Rafi, this is old... like half a year old...

  2. Rafi, I was struggling to understand the video but with some google searching I am left more confused. The groom at that wedding was 18. However as I understand it Rabbi Kanievsky is a son in law of Rabbi eliashiv, howver the 2 of them are only 18 years apart in age, how old must rabbi eliashivs daughter have been when rabbi kanievsky married her. I'm unsure what the GREAT celebration is. If we encourage 13 year olds to have babies and then marry them off when their babies are 13 they could see generation and generations marry in their lifetimes. But is it wise? ehtical? the groom in the video is but a child..

  3. ben shmoneh esrei l'chupa...

    I am not going to criticize the phenomenon. I think it is too young, but in that culture it is the way it is done. they say it solves other problems, and I have no idea if it is better or worse...

    for some it works, and for some it does not.

  4. Anon,

    Possibly (I didn't check) Rav Kanievsky is several years older than his wife. Even if Rav Elyashiv had his daughter at 25, and she was 20 when she got married (not unheard of), Rav Kanievsky would have to have only been 27 years old.

    Math aside, you seem to have great hostility toward the chareidi lifestyle in general (which, I'm sure you feel, should aspire to having the divorce rate in the "real world"), so I'm not going to respond to your other comments, other to say that someone seeing the wedding of a great-great-grandchild is a great celebration in and of itself, irrespective of your opinion of their lifestyle in general.

  5. Thanks for the Hat Tip -
    Is it coincidence that this post appears a few days after your post about life expectancy and religious services?

    I just uploaded a post linking the two articles.

  6. RAFI,

    Interesting point you mention. ben shemona esrei l'chupa is only part of the rules listed. If we now ignore the rest of it, when to teach mishna and gemara, then the getting married part is no longer applicable either.

  7. I dont want to get involved n that. I have no idea when the right age for marriage.

    Some get married young and it works out great, some get married young and it is a disaster.

    Some get married old and it is great, some get married old and it is a disaster.

  8. i wasn't commenting on "what is the right age". I haven't got a clue. I was just pointing out you can't quote a partial "halacha - advice" if the rest of the line is ignored. No palgeenan dibooruv here.

  9. of course, it's your blog and can do whatever you want......


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