Dec 30, 2009

Protest in Bet Shemesh in support of school (video)

Here is some video from the protest yesterday in Bet Shemesh in support of the school Bet Sefer L'Safot V'Tarbuyot:

MK Marina Solodkin:

MK Nitzan Horowitz:

Lenny Solomon singing Ani Yehudi:

Natan Shitreet:

Shmulik Greenberg from UTJ. Kol Hakavod to him for trying. this took guts:


  1. can you fill us in on the issue here?

  2. I have written about this in the past. there is a school building in RBS used by a school called Bet Sefer Lsafot vtarbuyot. they have been there something like 10 years. It seems the classrooms are not full or some sit empty, and the mayor has decided to take back the building and reallocate it to another school (a haredi one) that needs it and can fill the building completely.

    A further point is that the kids in this school are mostly bused in from other parts of Bet Shemesh (not completely, but mostly I think), whereas giving it to a local school where the kids are all from the neighborhood is a more efficient use of resources.

    There is also concern among the parents that the city might be planning on closing the school, and not just relocating it.

  3. rafi-
    this protest was more about RBS Gimmel than anything else.. all the people from Sheinfeld that showed up were not supporting the school.. that was a very small issue. This is the continuation of the RBS Gimmel "fight"

  4. they did combine the issue, and got more people out (looks like a nice crowd by the way), and the truth is from their viewpoint the issues are connected - the haredization of the city.
    but the main thrust of it was supporting the school.

  5. Wow
    Look at the ahavat hashem, they show for Greenberg

  6. Wow. Not one response about the ahavat yisrael.

    I bet if it were chareidim yelling down a chiloni or a DL there would be 50 comments here.

    Nice to show your true colors everyone.

    Kol hakavod

  7. Anon,

    Take a chill pill!

    Just remember...Shmuel Greenberg has the power and control as per his office. He as well as the mayor have used this to advance charedi only interests.

    Voice is the only "weapon"that everyone else has.

    Understand their frustration. There are people who have lived in Bet Shemesh for many years and wish to remain here w/o the coercion of certain elements.

  8. Easy Easy -

    Name 5 chareidi only interests that Greenberg Abutbol and co. have pushed thru which came at the expense of chiloni / DL.

    Then name 3 things that were not pushed thru for the DL or secular camp - in which a similar thing was pushed thru for the chareidim.

    Now name 3 things that Lerner and co. have done to help chareidim.

    Now, if you still have time, watch that harassing of Greenberg again, and remember, as you watch it, that this is the "ahavat yisrael" crowd, the crowd that claims to love all jews despite religious differences.

    Thank you for your time.


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