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Jan 17, 2010

new hechsher - for Jewish music

Bechadrei reports that a new rabbinic committee has been formed. This one is to control what is considered Jewish Music. They will put their shtempel on disks being published to certify that they consider it Jewish Music.
Ostensibly, anything without their shtemple means that composer and/or singer did not follow their guidelines and the disk should not be bought.

Bechadrei has posted the document listing various guidelines of how to play music according to what they consider Jewish music.

I recommend that there be a consumer boycott against any disk, and the artist, that plays along with these guys and puts the shtemple on their disk. Don't buy the disk and don't use the artist for your weddings and affairs. By playing along with the new Vaad they give them power and help them increase their power. If people don't buy disks with the shtemple, artists will think twice before they agree to give this Vaad the power...


  1. Will there be a regular and mehadrin hechsher?

    What about "heter mechira" where the performer sells his voice during the 3 weeks and sefira?

    If you play music w/o the hechsher can your kid's school throw them out?

  2. Great idea...seriously. Now I will be able to go to a chasuna and not be for forced to hear rock music.

  3. you are already not forced to. Hire a band that plays the type of music you like.

  4. It's funny how, after giving a whole long list, telling you exactly what a band can and cannot play, their final provision is that only the person who hires the musicians is permitted to tell them what to play!

  5. that is funny. you'd think it pretty basic - he hired, he chooses the music. But bands often do take requests from the crowd. I guess they are worried that while the host might be concerned and hire a band with requests for only certain types of music, the band might still play something else as per requests during the performance...

  6. And of course, if the host wants the band to play something that this vaad would not approve of. I guess that's the exception.

  7. they should have done this for women's clothing first....

  8. I believe in the free market. if you want a certain type of music to be more popular, support bands that play that type of music. the more people buy that type of music, the more bands will produce that type of music.

    How does anybody decide what authentic Jewish music is? Just because a group of four people from any given hassidic group think that music from year xxyy is authentic doesnt make it so. Back then that was not considered authentic either, and only music from 100 years before that was considered authentic. etc.

  9. I must not understand how this hechsher thing works - if a band gets said hechsher doesn't that mean they *always* and *only* play "kosher" music? Shouldn't these "kosher bands" have enough self-control to reject requests from the crowd that don't fit with the hechsher they've agreed to?

  10. I guess so, but this is a listed requirement for getting such a hechsher - that they not take requests from the crowd

  11. >you are already not forced to. Hire a band that plays the type of music you like.

    If I choose to only go to frum chasunas, and in my private life never willingly listen to rock music, don't I have the right to know beforehand what kind of music will be played? This "hechsher" would serve me fine.

    >I believe in the free market.

    You could have fooled me. How is this different to "organic" certification on products? Some people care about that, and will chose to eat products with that certification. Others will ignore it. It's a free world.

    You seem to be displaying an extreme anti chareidi bias, boarding on the hysterical. have you thought about getting therapy?

  12. organic foods are not really looking to replace other foods. Some people want organic, they will buy organic. Others dont want and they will buy non-organic. everybody is happy. The free market keeps both in business, as there is enough of a market for the farmers to grow organic, as they know they have customers at a price that is profitable to them, and non-organic farmerss also continue growing food knowing they have customers at a price that is profitable to them.

    This hechsher is trying to put an end to all music they dont like. It starts out with a hechsher and then becomes announcements that anybody not following the rules gets their kids thrown out of schools, is rejected for shidduchim, etc. I have no interest in giving power to a small group of people who like lording themselves over others all because they like the music they grew up with and dont like anything else.

    When I buy a disk I only buy the music I like, not the music from the bands I dont like. If somethign is too "rocky" fopr my taste, I dont buy it. If something is too "modernish' I dont buy it. If you can convince enough bands there is a big enough market for that type of music, gei gezundeheit. I disapprove of the methods of forcing it on the public.

  13. Forcing on which public, DL, Chardal, Modern Litvak, Chabad, Ger?

    You seem like a pretty modern type of guy, would you want to send your kids to a school that would exclude them based on their fathers music preference? Somehow I cannot see that.

    I still think the organic foods comparison works well.


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