Jan 11, 2010

Vaad HaTzniyus pashkevilim in Bnei Brak

In the latest pashkevilim being plastered around Bnei Brak, you can see the Vaad HaTzniyus has stepped up their activities to a new level. They are now asking people who see "porkot ol" and "those who wear short clothing" to separate them - get their kids thrown out of schools, protest against them, stay away from them, etc. They post a phone number to fax if you see such a person, so they can get the family tossed from the community.


  1. How sad.

    I wonder why such extortion & blackmail doesn't work in America. We should learn this from them.

    They have a lower dropout rate than BB too, although thats not a chiddush.

  2. With all of the "issues" plagueing the Charedi community I believe the time has come to do some serious collective cheshbon hanefesh.
    (Hint: this doesn't involve more tehillim, stricter tzniyus or the pasuling of Auerbach chickens)

    Perhaps the "derech" that many Charedi kids are choosing to leave is not really a derech at all.

  3. You should fax the names of various kannoim to them!

  4. I like that idea. send them names of wives of askanim and others involved with these thugs and say they were spotted dressing inappropriately

  5. Why doesn't this fall into the category of loshon hara? Are they trying to say there's a tachlis for them to know who's not dressing tznius? Perhaps the person rav can be told, to try to help them, but who are they to know all the women in the neighborhood are not dressing tzniusly?

  6. What a great idea. Too bad I don't know anyone in Bnei Brak. I suppose your odds are pretty good if you randomly choose a name from the phone book. If people would start faxing in random names, it would sabotage the whole system.


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