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May 17, 2011

The Israeli Heart - Why I Stand With Israel (video)

The Israeli Heart - Why I Stand With Israel

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  1. Dave in England White Christian.May 18, 2011 10:10 PM

    A fascinating story, I am very glad that Boy wasn't harmed and the IDF Guys also, & if he was 'Slow' as described it was a terrible Act to cajole him to do this.
    However to brand a whole people as 'wicked' or Evil etc due to one incident is ridiculous, Israel with Huge $ Aid has aided Israels Theft of Palestinian Lands since 1948 they now control 96% when in 48 they were 7% of pop!.
    Israeli US Marine trained Snipers really HAVE deliberately shot & Killed 2-3-4-10 Year old Children many times http://youtu.be/PubZmJlgOSA
    They have Killed 35,000 over the Decades & over twice as many Civilians as 9-11 since 2000 over 6,300 almost all Innocent Civilians,they have used White Phosphorous on unarmed Defenceless people hiding in their own Homes, do us all a favour watch BBC or AlJazeera Jewish Zionists don't own 'them'.
    Good luck & Peace be with our US friends.


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