May 9, 2011

God's Sense Of Humor On Satmar

Interestingly, while some are against saying hallel on Yom ha'Atzmaut because there is no justification to change the davening for any of a variety of possible reasons, others change it in the opposite direction.

In Satmar they have the custom of saying 5 chapters of tehillim daily as part of the davening at the end. Somehow, by "chance", it comes out that on 5 Iyar, today, the day that is supposed to be Yom Ha'Atzmaut, the day that commemorates and honors and celebrates the day the State was established, the 5 chapters of tehillim scheduled to be said are specifically 5 chapters that are parts of hallel, between chapter 113 and chapter 118.

To avoid any seeming sign of support for Israel as a Jewish State and so that nobody should think Satmar is in any way saying hallel, or parts of it, in honor of the State, the rebbe decreed that on Sunday, yesterday, they would say 8 chapters, from 111 until 118, that includes all the chapters that have the hallel verses in them, and on Monday, 5 Iyar, they would only say 119 and 120.

And who said God doesn't have a sense of humor, making the hallel verses fall out for Satmar on 5 Iyar (even though in Israel we are only celebrating on 6 Iyar this year)?


  1. In other situations we would take this as a siymon min hashamayim and learn a whispered hint from above from it.

    Perhaps instead of changing their own custom to avoid standing with their brothers and sisters they should have learned that sometimes shamayim will push you together...and that's a good thing!

  2. Someone should tell then that this year 5 Iyar is not YH

  3. chas v'shalom anyone should think that they are saying hallel on yom ha'atzmaut. dh was once at a minyan in a charedi neighborhood on yom ha'atzmaut, where even though there was a bris in shul that morning, they still said tachanun, lest anyone think they c"v celebrate yh.

  4. Perhaps Satmar doesn't take it as a divine sign simply because they know how to do math.

    If they say 5 chapters a day, they complete Tehillim in 30 days. That means that there is a 1 in 30 chance in any given year that such a confluence of events would happen. In Israel's 63 years, it would be strange if this hasn't happened at least one other time.

    Additionally, there is more than one day that this could happen and we would, in hindsight, be laughing at Satmar. In some years, such as this once, these chapters' day falling out on either 5 or 6 Iyar would cause some consternation among the anti-Zionist public. I don't know how often Yom Ha'atzmaut is pushed off, but it seems to happen fairly regularly (I'm sure Torah Tidbits knows). By increasing the number of days which we can, in hindsight, call "Yom Ha'atzmaut" (i.e., either 5 Iyar or whatever day it is celebrated in a given year), we increase the chances that the chapters of Hallel fall out on some version of Yom Ha’atzmaut. Really, this "phenomenon" should happen once every 15-20 years, which is not such a rare occurrence.

  5. most years it's nidche--- the siman is yom haatzmaut= shvii shel pesach.

    when shvii shel pesach is friday , shabbat or monday it's pushed later or earlier to avoid chillul shabbat.

    here we at least see satmar will not say hallel over dead zionists....

  6. Really, this "phenomenon" should happen once every 15-20 years, which is not such a rare occurrence.

    Thanks for this comment; the innumeracy of those who see a "sign" in every occurrence sometimes drives me crazy.

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