May 27, 2013

Hatikva and Ani Maamin by Nahal Haredi (video)

from yesterday's ceremony for the Nahal Haredi


followed by Ani Maamin:

from another view..

and part of the ceremony..

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  1. Kol Hakavod to these young men for choosing this rough personal path and forging new and normative ways for those that they represent. A true inspiration and a step forward to unity among us.
    For some reason however, the image of a unit of Israeli soldiers singing a messianic themed hymn is a bit disturbing to me. If it were any other religion having their soldiers making affirmations toward their messianic savior, be him Jesus or some Imam, we would all be quite irked. Armies should not be making any type of decisions based upon theology (especially messianic), nor should theology motivate a soldier's individual actions. If they do, they would more closely resemble the armies of those around us like Iran and Syria.

    1. It was indeed an inspiring video.

      However, I cannot consider the singing of Ani Maamin as disturbing. Just the opposite - it is exactly on target. The Israeli army absolutely should make decisions based on theology. I don't care what the Goyim around Israel do - Israel has a religion called Judaism with an important principle of faith called "Belief in the Messiah". If you believe that Israel should be a Jewish state, its army needs to display its Judaism for all to see and correctly sang Ani Ma'amin. If, however, you believe that Israel is merely a state of Jews, then you would be consistent in being disturbed by its singing. Most readers of this blog, I would surmise, believe the former.

  2. singing Hatikva is more similar to singing the Star Spangled Banner than it is to singing a song to jesus or an Imam.

    I see nothign wrong with singing the national anthem, As far as I know (and about 30 seconds of research for confirmation), the US army does sing the Start spangled Banner. I see nothing wrong with the Israeli army singing Hatikvah.

  3. I think it's a beautiful sight!


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