Dec 25, 2014

Deri family members taking over the party

in some political parties, and seemingly Yisrael Beyteynu probably leads this list of parties right now, you have to pay people off to get appointed to important and influential positions.

In other political parties, and seemingly Shas leads this list of parties right now, you have to be related to people to get appointed to important and influential positions.

Aryeh Deri recently created a womens council to advise the leaders of Shas on a variety of issues. The womens council consists of two women - Adina Bar Shalom, Rav Ovadia's daughter, and Yaffa Deri, Aryeh's wife.

Last year Aryeh Deri fired Meir Lugasi from his position as head of public inquiries, and appointed his son Yanky in his place.

Now, Kikar is reporting that  Aryeh Deri has just appointed his daughter, Shifi, to position on the welfare committee of the City of Jerusalem.

Impressive and surprising.

Impressive that Aryeh Deri can just go ahead and do all this, without a care in the world.
Surprising that there are so few qualified people among the Shas ranks that the Deri family members seem to be the only ones, or at least the main ones.
Even more impressive is that Shas and its supporters has let him use the party as his personal fiefdom like this.

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  1. And he gets a petition of 30 rabbis to reiterate that the Moetzet Hacahamim is the supreme committee of the Sephardi world. I really do see a scenario of other Shas MKs bolting, but not sure if Eli Yishay should take them, but then again, do they have something else lined up to enjoy post-politics? One month left until the lists have to be sent to the elections committee, I would expect Shas to have another earthquake but don't expect it because they refuse to see that paradigm has changed.

  2. Why be surprised?

    Minhag Avotaihem b'yadeihem!


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