Dec 25, 2014

Israeli forces demolish dairy factory in Hebron

Maan News is reporting that Israeli forces have destroyed a dairy factory in Hebron today.

The article does not give any reason for it, and I am not familiar with what happened from any other sources [yet].

So, for now at least, I can only offer my best guess as to why the dairy factory was destroyed.

I would guess it was because the dairy was producing milk that was not cholov yisroel.

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  1. I think Maan has repeated a story from earlier in the year. See e.g.

    I don't find your 'joke' remotely funny, it's like the Germans joking as they rampaged through occupied Europe.

  2. I thought it was funny. I don't think we resemble Germans in ethic or sense of humor.

  3. Anonymous calling you a Nazi while quoting from what would be Dr Goebbles favorite news source, were he alive. Satire isn't dead.

  4. Make no mistake! As a lover of Israel Israel had better come up with a very compelling reason for this act which gives it the biggest PR black eye in my memory. There had better be a VERY good reason why Israel felt compelled to destroy a dairy that supplies mild to an orphanage.


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