Dec 29, 2014

The most kosher place

Rav Amar, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, visited the Knesset yesterday. He took a tour of the premises with Rav Alexander Hochman, rav of the Knesset, and some other rabbis involved in kashrut in the Rabbanut and in the Knesset. The focus was on the kitchens and the eating areas.

He said the funniest thing as a result of his tour.

Upon conclusion of the tour, Rav Amar was asked, by MK Eliezer Mozes, about the level of kashrus. Rav Amar responded by saying the Knesset is one of the most kosher places he has ever visited.

It is a funny thing to say about the Knesset. One of the most kosher places. With all the vile behavior, the vulgarity, the machlokes, the lying, the backstabbing, the deception... with all that, the Knesset is the most kosher place around... .what a turn of a phrase!

(yes, I know he was referring specifically to the kashrut of the kitchen and food, but reading this last nightin the midst of what is going on with the arrests, corruption, allegations, fighting, etc. it was just a strange expression)

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1 comment:

  1. Makes for a good laugh. In truth, it explains the paradox of the State; so many good things and, of course, good Jews, bli ayin hara, and yet much of the leadership that can be compared to the opposite extreme of good.


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