Oct 25, 2015

Picture of the Day

yes, that's a pregnant bride, at a Haredi (Chabad) wedding. Not something you commonly see.

The story behind the picture is that this couple, after ten years of marriage without children decided to divorce, as per the halacha brought in Shulchan Aruch. After the divorce they discovered that she was pregnant! Based on the new information, the couple decided to remarry (fulfilling the mitzva of "machzir grushato - remarrying one's divorced wife)..

some Chabad-affiliated friends have contacted me offline (along with the comment in the comments section)and told me that the story is incorrect. They have told me these people are converts, and it is as simple as that. I am told they are wonderful people, which was never under dispute.

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  1. This is a lie. Please check your facts.
    This couple converted and they are having a Jewish wedding.
    Don't spread rumors. Thank you.

  2. I didnt make this up. this is how it was reported on a few different news sites...

    I saw it on kooker, bechadrei and nrg. I dont know if it was also posted elsewhere or not


    later I will look for other links

    1. you don't have to make it up....you have to check facts and if you can't check facts from the source, don't bother printing them!!!

  3. Kooker says specifically that this picture "has been widely distributed on social media" and that it has been revealed on WhatsApp that the couple divorced and then remarried. In other words, they are reporting rumors. They have no reliable source.

    If you check bechadrei and nrg I'd be interested to hear where THEY got the story.

  4. pictures can easily be distributed on social media and STILL BE WRONG!!!!!! I'll post and so will all my friends who know this couple.....they have been undergoing the conversion process for nearly 2 years!!!!!! and finally have a Jewish Chuppah!! Mazel tov!! that's the truth!!!

  5. In case your readers are unaware that your comment was not meant seriously, please know that machzir grushato only is a problem where the woman married someone else during the separation. If she had not married anyone else in the interim, there's nothing wrong with taking back a woman you have divorced. Maybe hope triumphant over experience, but nothing halachicly wrong.


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