Sep 13, 2016

our history unfolds in Israel

Some more amazing archaeological artifacts have been recently discovered!
1. Fox News reports about a mosaic discovered in excavations of an ancient synagogue in Northern Israel. The mosaic depicts a scene of Alexander the Great meeting with the High Priest. This might or might not be the meeting in our tradition between Alexander the Great and Shimon Hatzaddik - see the article for more on that debate.

2.  Ynet reports about the discoveryfrom the year 70BC, a month after the destruction of the Second Temple, a weight that most likely belonged to the Kohen Gadol of the time and has his name inscribed on it.

It seems they have not yet been able to decipher the name of the kohen, but have been able to clearly read the name of the kohanic family on the second line as Katrus, which seems to have been famous.

3. also from the Ynet article, an ancient mikva was discovered along with other artifacts, including artifacts from the First Temple period...

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  1. the talkbacks on the ynet article are full of rather disturbing hate of anything religious

  2. Katros is famous because the name appears in the gmara, and because an artifact with the same family name was found in the Burnt House.


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