May 28, 2017

the miracle of the smartphone

The BBC is reporting about a miracle that happened to save a life in the explosion during he terrorist attack in Manchester last week.

Surprisingly enough, perhaps, the miracle happened via a smartphone.

According to the BBC, Lisa Bridgett was using her smartphone when the attack happened. A nut from the bomb would have hit her and killed her if not for the smartphone she was using at the time. The nut went into the phone and its path was diverted or slowed down and only injured her.

While I am skeptical the smartphone was the source of the miracle, as a kosher phone could have done the same, as could have a book or  many other objects, and it was probably more something in her personal life that made her worthy of the miracle and the phone she was using was just the medium through which the miracle manifested itself, one cannot but appreciate and smile at the humor in the BBC headline, at least from an Orthodox Jewish perspective in which smartphones are not exactly considered worthy of meriting a miracle.

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  1. On the contrary! A smartphone is a huge distraction from the much greater things a Jew should be accomplishing in life. For a goy, on the other hand, more time spent on the smartphone means less time to get into even worse trouble...

    1. I better tell my Charedi Rav that his smart phone (iPhone) is a huge distraction, and he should get rid of it.

      What is it about Charedim that they vilify the tool and not the use to which the tool is put? Is it the lack-of-personal-responsiblity thing they love so much? (My Rebbe made me do it!)

  2. From what I've seen, many smartphones are machined from solid metal, which has more stopping power than a plastic case. From what I've seen, most Kosher phones are plastic.

  3. A smart phone is a miracle for people who are deaf or deaf/mute. They can now easily communicate. For others a smart phone can translate to language they cannot understand. On the whole the smart phone is a useful development.


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