Jun 28, 2017

Dov Lipman debates Chief Rabbinate rep about the Kotel (video)

mostly blah blah blah... the funny part, in my ind, is when the Haredi guy (Dov Halbertal) argues that "we are serving here in the army".. is that really the argument the Haredi community should be making?

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  1. Halbertal wasn't talking about Haredim specifically, but about religious Jewish Israelis in general.

    On a less-nitpicky point, Lipman referred to giving non-Orthodox a place for prayer. That exists already, and (at least according to Bennett) will be expanded as per the agreement (even though it is frozen). What is not happening is:
    1) providing a different entrance to the current "non-Orthodox" area; and
    2) giving administrative control of the area over to a group other than the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

    As to #1, this was a request from the Women of the Wall. Why not giving that small group the entrance they want will tear the nation apart is beyond explanation.

    As to #2, the WWHF has been administering the current "non-Orthodox" area for like fifteen years, and AFAIK, that hasn't posed any practical problems for anyone. Again, I fail to see how the way the "non-Orthodox" area is run is so oppressive that it continuing to be under the WWHF's administration is so horrible as to tear the nation apart.


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