Aug 28, 2017

Reform and Conservative to now fight for Kotel representation

The Conservative and Reform representatives are now saying that because the Haredi politicians backed out of the Kotel deal and had the entire thing canceled, from their perspective they are pulling back from the compromise as well and they will now demand equal representation on the administrative board of the entire Kotel area and an equal place of prayer for egalitarian services at the Kotel.

They explain that they only agreed to the Ezrat Israel area as a compromise, not as if it was an ideal situation. It did not satisfy their demands and it caused conflict within their own community. But they felt it was worth compromising to resolve the situation. Now that the government pulled back from it, they have no reason to agree to stick with the one minor aspect of it that the government left for them and they'll go back now to the original demands.

I am not quite sure what they are saying, as all along anyway they have continued to fight for services at the Kotel area, even at the height of the deal. Had the deal gone through maybe they would have stopped the conflict and used the Ezrat Yisrael, though we will never know, but because the deal did not go through it seems they are now threatening something they have been doing all along anyway.

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1 comment:

  1. They are determined to desecrate everything that is Torah; they've been doing that and sliding downwards for over 200 years. Agenda, agenda...


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