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Feb 16, 2020

could this indoor pool have been a mikva?

A realtor dealing in foreclosures in Baltimore took on a house from foreclosure that he discovered to be very strange. In the house he discovered an indoor pool, but a very strange pool.

Here is the excerpt from Realtor.com (video below):
The former owner sank hundreds of thousands of dollars into the townhouse and installed the pool. He then opened it up as what DeLorenzo described as “a bathhouse.”
“There’s no beds, no closets," he says. “The reason the baths are wide open is because no one was ever meant to live there. It was just for his private use. Wild parties used to happen in the house.”
An indoor pool, open baths, and not much else inside? You do the math.
The 952-square-foot space is completely open, with the pool as its centerpiece. A spiral staircase, a metal catwalk, and a diving platform all surround the pool from above.
DeLorenzo cautions that the pool would probably need to be filled in.
“Most homes have an indoor pool in a separate, contained section of the house," he said. "This is just open.”
Along with the obvious liability of the pool's placement, he noted that air quality and mold could be an issue for the next owners if the pool stays in place.

and here is the video:

can this possibly have been a mikva?

the diving platform is strange. I grant you that. Nobody is diving into a mikva. But maybe they have that wrong and maybe diving was not the purpose of the platform. a 12 foot deep pool is strange, for both swimming and for a mikva. The length of the pool makes it seem impractical to have actually been a pool. Maybe some sort of pool of water to cool off in rather than to swim, or maybe a mikva...

what do you think?

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  1. It looks to big and too open to be a Mikva, unless it there were originally additional walls that were removed.

    One additional clue, the kitchen had a blue back-splash which didn't match the rest of the kitchen, if this house was originally owned or renovated by a frum Jew, it is possible that the blue back-splash was used for a dairy kitchen, and the meat kitchen was later removed (or just not shown in the video), but my guess is that it was just a pool, not a Mikva.

  2. Probably some sort of Turkish bath.


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