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Feb 16, 2020

Quote of the Day

There has been no municipal decision prohibiting the installation of tefillin booths [outside of schools]. There is an old law that prohibits the installation of any booth near schools. Just this past week Huldai wanted to check if the public schools are teaching concepts of Judaism

  -- Tel Aviv City Councilman Naftali Lubert (Maamin Party - Agudat Yisrael)

I assume Lubert means Huldai wanted to check to make sure they are teaching some basics of Judaism and not so he can stop it. That might need to be more explicit at this point.. :-)

But seriously, based on what the Agudat Yisrael representative, Lubert, is saying that the uproar last week over the tefillin booth was manufactured and "a storm in a cup of water", as they say in Hebrew (translated), or tempest in a tea pot..

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