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Jan 27, 2021

Gantz's new Draft Law proposal

The Draft law is expected to be a big issue very soon. No Draft law has been passed and the expiry date on it is coming up very quickly. An extension was requested from the Supreme Court in order to pass a new Draft Law in the next government, but that has been denied, as it has been sitting for too long with too many extensions granted already. It is coming to a head.

Just as the last government was in the process of falling apart, the Haredi parties wanted to get the Draft law passed. They claimed everything was ready and prepared and mostly agreed upon and approved by Defense Minister Benny Gantz and it could be passed pretty quickly. Gantz refused to pass it, as it was one of the last cards he had to play in his politicking with Netanyahu and the Haredi parties. 

I don't know if the Haredi parties were lying about that or if Gantz changed his tune now, but Benny Gantz has just proposed a new formula for the Draft law he plans to propose.

Gantz announced that he wants to establish an administrative body that will be staffed by both military and civilian representatives. Everybody, that is including Haredim and Arabs, coming to draft age will be sorted by this administrative body. The military, the IDF, will choose its soldiers form those that want to serve and everyone else will have to do two years of some form of civilian service.

Civilian service will include service to the community in hospitals, Magen David Adom, the Police, Firestations, education, helping the disabled, ZAKA, community centers, etc.

Gantz says this will increase the sense of equality in Israeli society and will mend the tears between groups and sectors of our society, along with helping improve service provided in all these civilian institutions. It will help the youth in their growth, will encourage excellence, and will improve societal infrastructure. 

People doing civil service will have to serve in this capacity for two years.

I don't know if this is a good plan or not, realistic or not, but presenting this plan now means that either the Haredi parties were lying about Gantz's ready agreement and approval of the original draft law with minor changes or Gantz is being vindictive, and maybe trying to get back a few voters, by changing his plan now when he already worked out a plan that he knew would be acceptable. unless this is that plan, but I dont think so - it is very different than what was being proposed previously, even though the public was never made privy to all the details of that plan. There is no way the Haredi parties would agree to this plan, nor would they have fought for it to be passed at the last minute in the previous government.

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  1. "form those that want to serve and everyone else will have to do two years of some form of civilian service."

    "Everyone else" who they don't want or "everyone else" who doesn't want to serve? Devil in the details...

    1. I was wondering that too though to me it sounds like a combination of the two

  2. It sounds like the Yisrael Betaynu bill that was voted down in the Knesset a number of years ago.


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