Nov 29, 2021

Picture of the Day

President Herzog surprised many when he accepted the invitation of the Hebron Jewish community to light the first candle of Chanukah in Hebron. Surprised many and upset many, especially on the Left form which he came. Well, Herzog made sure to upset everyone else when he said, "You won’t agree about everything, but we need to remember that ‘we are all one man’s sons. We all have shared roots from this cave. Alongside that, we have to remember that our roots are not the only ones that go back to this cave. Especially today, and especially here, in this holy space dedicated to all sons of Abraham, we have to continue dreaming of peace, between all faiths and creeds in this land, and to condemn any type of hatred or violence." They still probably prefer the optics of him being present and lighting the menora regardless of what he said...

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1 comment:

  1. But why did he look so befuddled as to when to light the candles?
    He lit it before they finished the brochos, as if he'd never lit one before. What's the deal with that?


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