Nov 28, 2021

Proposed Law: License Plates for Motorized bicycles

I dont understand some of the details but MK Yaakov Asher (UTJ) has proposed a law that would require some sort of license plate for motorized bikes and scooters.

Many such vehicles, Asher brings statistics showing 62%, have been involved in accidents, or near accidents, and Asher's proposal would allow better enforcement of the rules, in addition to the ability to take out insurance policies.

I personally have seen police stopping young teenagers on the road riding electric scooters and bikes. I assume it was because of the lack of helmets,  based on what I saw, but maybe it was for other reasons. Whatever the reason was, I did not understand how the police could slap these kids with fines - if they are too young to have a teudat zehut, how do the police verify who they are, and subsequently, how is there any follow-up on any ticket given?

The license plate should make it easier for enforcement, assuming it wont be easy to move the plates form bike to bike. 

Are they going to take the current hundreds of thousands or millions of bikes and scooters off the roads somehow if this passes?

And what about the golf carts some people, often elderly, drive around? Perhaps they dont go as fast so arent as much of a menace, but if everything else needs to be registered, I am not sure why the "bubby carts" would be exempt.

Anyway, MK Asher's proposal passed its first hurdle, being approved in the legislative committee. An accomplishment in tis own right, considering the proposal coming from an opposition MK Now it needs to go to the Knesset to be voted on.
source: Kipa

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