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Nov 20, 2023

adding Smotritch to the War Cabinet

Finance Minister Betzalel Smotritch was upset by the announcement the other day that some fuel would be let in to Gaza. The decision was made despite statements made by all the relevant politicians and leaders and despite the decisions by the security cabinet against letting fuel into Gaza. PM Netanyahu decided it was necessary and pushed it through the War Cabinet.

Because of that, Smotritch is demanding to be added to the War Cabinet so he can stand on principle on matters that others will not. The War Cabinet needs to hear  his opinion, as he is a significant politician representing a significant part of the population, and we cant just have people who say yes to Bibi in the War Cabinet and go against all other decisions.

I personally do not mind if Smotritch is added (or any other MK or Minister - I think Ben Gvir also demanded to be added, but was rebuffed). If the relevant people think he has what to add to those discussions and decisions, who am I to say otherwise.

That being said, I also do not see any great importance to adding Smotritch. He has no military experience, so I am not sure he actually has what to add, other than his opinion like 9 million other Israelis. I am not saying he should not be added, but I see this as not a big deal - he likely does not add anything significant to the cabinet, but on the off chance he does, if Bibi thinks he has what to offer, that is also fine. 

Smotritch also does not represent a large swatch of society. His supporters claim that he is the representative of 14 mandates in Knesset and they need to be included, especially considering others who represent fewer people are included. The truth is, Smotritch and Ben Gvir split after the elections, so SMotritch only represents 7 seats, not 14. So even the numbers don't push him in. 

His one good argument is that the sector he represents is represented in the IDF, especially in combat and in command roles, well above its percentage in society. That does not give him any special insight or expertise in military affairs, but at least he represents an affected society. The thing is, the war cabinet is not meant to be representative. It isnt the Knesset and it isn't a Knesset committee. It isnt the government. It is people with vast military experience making military decisions about a war. 

Perhaps an appropriate compromise solution would be to make him a "mashkif" in the War Cabinet, an observer. He may not influence much like that at the start but if he offers his opinion when appropriate and shows himself to have what to offer, maybe others will listen and ask for his wisdom more frequently on these matters.

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