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Dec 24, 2023

Picture of the Day

That is Yisrael Dovid Weiss of the Neturei Karta from Monsey participating in a conference supporting Hamas in Tehran, Iran on Shabbos

This normally would have been an image I would just pass over but just yesterday I read an article in Mishpacha magazine (Hebrew edition) that reviewed the history of Neturei Karta (including interviews of people involved), how it was formed and what they do and the like and how they have changed over the years so this struck me as interesting at the moment I saw it.

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  1. I especially love how he's supposedly a representative of "the United States."

  2. The fact that he's there, on shabbos, supporting Hamas is merely "interesting"? what adjective are you going to use when something is truly mediocre? because you've used this one up already.

    1. When your blog is as informative and interesting as Raffi’s let us know so we can suggest adjectives. Maybe buy you a book of mad-libs

  3. At least he wore his Shtreimel L'kavd Shabbos

  4. These Neturei have no Jewish souls (real Erev Rav). Am Yisrael has enemies from all sides,
    within and without! Our only friend is Hashem!

  5. Does he have tzitzis on his kefiyah?


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