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Apr 24, 2024

Quote of the Day

Biden is a true friend of Israel, but he is under heavy pressure, which affected and harmed the relationship between the two countries....Look at Biden's strategy regarding what happened in Afghanistan, Ukraine and the Middle East. He said 'Don't' to Hezbollah and Iran at the beginning of the war and we saw what happened. I don't think that the US under his leadership portrays strength. It hurts Israel as well as many other countries. If I were an American citizen with the right to vote, I would vote for Trump and the Republicans.

  -- Minister of Diaspora Amichai Chikli 

Chikli can criticize Biden's strategy and how it affects Israel as much as he wants. He might be a minor minister, running a ministry that has no influence or significance, but sure, go criticize the president of the USA. Just like anybody can criticize Biden or any other public servant, Chikli can as well. Talking about voting for Biden or Trump, ie who Israeli ministers support in the American electoral race, that is another story. The way some Democrats (see Chuck Schumer) have spoken about Israeli internal affairs, maybe it is open game and anyone can meddle in anyone's internal affairs at this point. However, the way Israelis, and government officials, and even Chikli himself, took offense at Schumer's egregious statement and were critical of Schumer for what he said, it is hypocritical for Chiklii to now do the same in reverse, talking about who should and shouldn't be voted for in the US elections...

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