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Apr 4, 2024

Quote of the Day

Truthfully, klal yisrael is klal yisrael, even if many are mistaken, but klal yisrael is all one klal yisrael. So, it is true that everyone needs to carry the burden and contribute to the success of klal yisrael, but there is a fundamental mistake, what is considered sharing the burden? The truth is the ones bearing the burden are actually the yeshiva bochurim, the learners of the holy Torah.... the truth is that the valuable bnei torah, those who keep torah and mitzvos, they support everything, the entire Jewish nation and and the entire situation. Sharing the burden? That is not called equality! That means we are bearing the entire burden! Bearing the burden means strengthening in torah and prayer..

  -- "The Mashgiach:, Rav Don Segal, at a conference of Ichud Bnei Hayeshivos

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  1. Garnel IronheartApril 04, 2024 4:59 PM

    Okay Donny, in that case October 7 is your fault, 100%. You let Klal Yisrael down. The blood of every murdered Jew is on your hands. The screams of pain of every raped girl is your fault. You horrible, horrible man. Look what you allowed to happen and you don't take a shred of responsibility. Boy, you're in for punishment.

    1. Uncalled for comment in your tone. Making my מחאה for ביזוי ת"ח.

      But as to your general point, אה"נ. Everyone has themselves to blame.

    2. Garnel IronheartApril 04, 2024 9:42 PM

      Nope, I gave him just the amount of respect someone making that stupid a statement deserves.

  2. עז פנים לגיהנם


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