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Dec 21, 2006

Happy 7th night of Hanuka

getting close to the end....


  1. I always find it so interesting reading blogs from points eastwards in the world, especially on these short winter days. Seventh night? But I davened shacharis of the first day of Rosh Chodesh only a few hours ago...

  2. i figured you for an oil guy

  3. Josh - you must have davened at a late minyan - :-)

    ed - I am an oil guy. That pic is of the other 4 menoras of my kids... it made for a better picture....

  4. 7:40 minyan. It's what passes for early in this community of college students. :-)

  5. Great photo! Hope your Chanukah was nice.

  6. "getting close to the end"?

    you mean in israel you celebrate 8 days like us in galut?

  7. Shalom javer.

    I am the publisher of Herut, blog in spanish. I invite you to visit Herut and to leaving your commentaries. Excuse me, but my English is very bad. The direction is:


  8. if you light all these candles in a cold room, and the room is warmer because of it, can you walk into the room, or will the warmth be considered "hanaah"?


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