Dec 26, 2006

will it or won't it?

That is the question on everybody's mind today. Is it going to snow tomorrow all around Israel, including Jerusalem and points further south as predicted or will this fall the way of many past predictions?

It is already raining and getting colder. This time it looks like the chances are pretty good...


  1. hope it does! make sure you post photos if there's snow.

    it snowed yesterday and today in the mountains here. (hailed where i live) it's the middle of summer and it was the coldest december day on record.

  2. Surely it won't snow in Beit Shemesh. . .

  3. sarah - worry not. if snow falls, there will be pictures.

    mother in israel - you might be right, but I hope you are wrong. About 6 years ago we had a few inches of snow in Bet Shemesh... They have just altered the predictions to predicting snow in any location from 400m and up. Bet Shemesh (parts of it) are in that range. Hopefully we will get some.

  4. im really sorry to say this... it wont snow. sorry, it just wont. PPBTH!


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