Dec 13, 2006

The holocaust conference in Iran

The title actually sounds like that old song from Journeys "The Atheist Convention in LA" .

The holocaust conference taking place in Iran has brought forth, to me, a couple of strange events.

The first I would mention is the horrendous images of the Neturei Karta freaks french kissing (must be because the French are anti-semites as well) Ahmedinjajad (a.k.a. Crazy Ahmed) and their general participation the conference.

I have no real problem with the Iranians and the rest of their buddies "debating" whether the holocaust happened or not. (NOTE: I put the word "debating" in quotes because anyone who wanted to come to prove the holocaust did happen had their request rejected and no invitation issued. So it is not really a debate or open discussion.). I do not really care what they think about it. It has no ramification on me. I know that anything they need to hide for political reasons is automatically declared to never have happened, such as any Jewish presence in Jerusalem before 1948, such as any Jewish Temple on Temple Mount, etc. The fact that they prefer to declare the holocaust as a non-event, is nothing unusual or unexpected.

The part of it that bothers me is the participation of the freaks from Neturei Karta. True, they claim they are not denying the holocaust. They claim that they are there participating in order to explain and protest to the world how as a result of the holocaust the Zionists persecuted the Palestinians and stole their land. However, just their mere presence makes it appear as though they support the denial or the possibility of denial of the events of the holocaust.

People see the images of their participation and think that they are considering or even agreeing with the "fact" that there was no holocaust and that allows them to solidify in their own minds that possibility. Did these freaks never hear of the issur of Maaris Ayin - giving over a wrong impression? The actual issur might not apply here, but the concept is the same - by their participation, they are giving some legitimacy to the idea of a faked holocaust.

Another issue with it is just their sensitivity. Let's say, for arguments sake, that their hatred of Zionism and Israel is legitimate. Let's even say that their cozying up to terrorists like Arafat and the like is legitimate under their claim that Zionism is evil, and they even justify helping Arabs physically throw Jews out of the Land of Israel and murdering and maiming them is legitimate. Let's just say all this for arguments sake. How can they morally attend this conference? How can they look at themselves and their families after [articipating in such an event? Did they not suffer any losses personally in the holocaust? Were their families not affected? Did they not have parents or grandparents or cousins or other relatives or Rebbes or shtetl members who died in the holocaust? How can they participate in such a conference, no matter how much hatred they have for Zionism?

That question just boggles my mind.

My second issue is with a guy named David Duke. David Duke is a former head of the Ku Klux Klan. He is an avowed anti-semite. Ok - there are plenty of them, at least he says it openly that he hates the Jews and thinks the Jews are "occupying America just like they are occupying Palestine" (as he said in Syria last year). Better than many others who talk nice but quietly hate the Jews.

David Duke shows up at the conference discussing the veracity of the holocaust. No problem. Very synergetic of David Duke.

My question is, how does the mind of a Ku Klux Klan (or any anti-semite) guy work? Why does he hate Jews? What have we done, other than take over the world with all 13 million of us? How can he hate jews but love Arabs? There are hundreds of millions of Arabs, they are the source of most terrorism in the world, they are the fastest growing ethnic community "taking over America", and they are a Semitic race just like the Jews.

Why does a guy like David Duke hate the Jews but love the Arabs? The Ku Klux Klan hated everybody who was not white. Most of their racial actions were against blacks, even more so than against Jews. It makes no sense to me. He should hate the Arabs even worse because they are a greater threat to his way of life.

Why would David Duke love the Arabs? The only answer I have is "It is a known fact (and halacha of sorts) that Esau hates Jacob" - even if it makes no sense.


  1. Not to sound dumb, but can you elaborate here: The only answer I have is "It is a known fact (and halacha of sorts) that Esau hates Jacob" - even if it makes no sense. Not a bible person here myself.

  2. You don't sound dumb. I should have elaborated...
    It is a talmudic edict that Esau hates Jacob.. See here some info..

    Rashi quotes this statement when Esau comes to greet Jacob and kisses him. There is a debate between opinions regarding whether the kiss was genuine or not. One of the opinions says the kiss was not genuine and the other quotes that Talmudic edict and adds that regardless of the edict, at that moment his emotions overcame him and it was genuine.

    The term is commonly referred to as an explanation for anti-semitism. That Christianity (Esau represents Christianity as they are his descendants) simply hates Judaism no matter what the Jews do... though there is some debate as to the meaning and application of the phrase.

  3. David Duke is a real enigma. Hating Jews but not hating Muslims is strange for a white supremacist.


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