Dec 13, 2006

interview at JBM

Jewish Blogmeister is doing a series of interviews with jbloggers. This week he interviewed me. He just posted the interview...

Head on over to Jewish Blogmeister and check it out!


  1. good interview. You seem to be getting alotof honors lately. Congratulations. You desearve them.

    I am happy that I was your first comment. See, no matter where you go or what you do I will be there.

  2. Well, at least one of my questions made it, although the real ones i wanted to know weren't asked. i guess they didn't classify in his goals. nu nu.

  3. dan - awwww thanks. An interview is an honor? I guess in a roundabout way. What about the fact that he is interviewing a lot of people and I am just one of them?

    whats - feel free to ask

  4. Rafi - i guess you figured out which was mine.
    I realize some of these are controversial, and Im not sure you want to answer them here. If that's the case, don't feel obligated to answer. I'm asking you these questions because i respect your way of life, and feel your experiences have led you to make some of these decisions for yourself and your kids. Again, please don't feel obligated to answer what you don't want to.
    Anyway, here they are:

    1. Among the chareidi communities there are arguably some problems with the school system. Schools accept kids based on reputation of the parents, occupations of parents, and general look and feel. In a country where “aliyah” and immigration is one of the largest issues, how can the schools continue to enforce these rules? People come here, expecting to send their kids to schools, and the schools do not allow them to enter. Why is it that schools can create rules such as Sheitel Length, no Denim, and white shirts only? Should the child be turned away, when there will be no where else to go?! Sometimes it feels the schools care more for a personal reputation than the well being of the general society they are in. Isn’t that philosophy against any foundation of a “School”?
    2. Should we be teaching our children secular studies? Do you see any value in teaching your kids math, science or history?
    3. There are certain Chareidi communities which have not one basketball court in the entire neighborhood. They build structures which severely limit any social outlet for teenage boys. Girls are allowed to have plays, or chuggim, but boys are expected to be learning 24/7. Do you agree with this philosophy? Do you create a social outlet for your own children? Do you feel this is the correct way to bring up children in a Torah atmosphere?
    4. Army or yeshiva? Why?
    5. How come Chalav Yisrael is so much more prominent than Yoshon? Why don't more people hold Yoshon? Is it fair to enforce close relatives to serve only Yoshon in the presence of one who holds Yoshon? (This question applies both to Israel and America. There are many American products bought in Israel which are not Yoshon, and people are buying them unaware of the problems involved).
    6. Should women learn Gemara? Why or Why not?

  5. that's a lot of questions. too much for the comments section, I think.

    Maybe I will make it into a post...

    BTW, some of the questions you asked (specifically the ones about schools), I have broached in the past on this blog. I might add the issues are complex and difficultto come to definite conclusions.

    I will probably start writing answers and put them into a separate post. Maybe I will entitle it something like "Interviewed by a Commenter" or something like that...

  6. I remember you discussed it once slightly, which may have been the impetus for these specific questions.
    If you would answer them, that would be great.

  7. well yes, an interview is an honor. The fact that more than one person recieves an honor does not diminsih your honor in any way. But as an e-mail recieved detailed anouther event I just wanted to share my congratulations and let you know how proud we are of you.

  8. I remember you because you were the first one to put a link to me on your blog. Thanks!

    I enjoy your moderate and thoughtful approach to many issues.


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