Dec 19, 2006

quick update

Everything went well today. All shechitas were great. Details and longer post tomorrow when I can keep my eyes open. I have been cutting up meat all day long.


  1. Did it meat your expectations?
    Do you still have a beef with doing it?
    They said that Shehita was easy - that's a bunch of baloney.

    I could go on, but I'll spare [ribs] you.
    Hazak Uvaruch!

  2. Oh man can we get pictures. We did chickens in yeshiva last year, and watched a lamb, then had a huge bbq.

  3. ed? is this the same ed that is so famous on RHM's blog? If it is - hi.
    This is a much tamer site - rafi's much more easy going.

  4. No it's not the same Ed. I don't even know who RHM is. This is one of the few blogs I comment on when I don't personally know the blogger. I had rabbi named shaya g, though is that you?

  5. for a short almost pointless post, this has gotten funny.

    Ed, I have a few pix and will soon be putting them up. I did not take too many because I have taken many on other occassions, so it is becoming less of a photo op each time I go.

    Pix will be posted soon.

    Yaak - it did meat my expectations.. lol

  6. One day I want to bring my kids to your house to learn how to kasher meat.

  7. I want to bring my kids to your house to watch you kasher the meat.

  8. even better idea - you should kasher meat for them once in a while.... but let me know in advance when you want to come and we can try to schedule it..

  9. Thanks Rafi!! Maybe chufshat Pesach . . .?

  10. that's a lot of meat. what do do you do with all of it? can you overnight fillet mignon to brooklyn?

    happy hanukkah

  11. mother - maybe. what city do you live in?

    ari - fillet is from the back of the animal, which we did not take because we did not do nikkur. Sorry.

  12. i thought that in israel nikkur was done in the rear.

    incidentally, the first halakhah manual ever published in america was a pamphlet on nikkur (1858)


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