Dec 25, 2006

old friends

We went to a wedding last night. Our time at the wedding was very limited. I wanted to be back home in time for my shiur and on the way there we were cut short because of traffic and navigation. We knew in advance our time there would be brief, but we wanted to go anyway. The marriage was of the son of an old friend and our friend's siblings (even better and older friends) were in town for the wedding, so we really wanted to say mazel tov and hello to our old friends.

We got to the wedding as the chuppa was finishing. The chasan and kalla were already being escorted to the yichud room, so we missed that. Sure enough, as we walk in, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau is walking out to get his ride home. Rabbi Lau, the former Chief Rabbi of Israel and the curent Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, had officiated the wedding. That description I just gave does him no justice for the greatness of his life's work. He walked right by us and we shook hands in greeting. I have met him a number of times, though I would never believe he remembers me (he meets thousands and thousands of people all the time). That was exciting, as Rabbi Lau is really a great person.

We continued in and found the parents of the chassan and said our mazel tovs and greetings. Then we found our old friends who came in for the wedding. It was nice to catch up with them even though it was brief.

While we are standing there talking, someone comes over and asks if I would watch his bag while he uses the restrooms. I said of course I would. He puts the bag down and disappears towards the bathroom. I look at my wife and friends and say, "you think that is going to blow up now?" I had no idea who he was but then someone else said he recognized him. Anyways, bombers never ask if you would watch their bag (yeah right). The guy came back a few minutes later

And we made it back in time for my shiur. A short but worthwhile trip into Jerusalem.


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