Dec 31, 2006

Saddam hanged! (video)

WARNING!! The following video is graphic and should only be watched by those not faint of heart.

I finally found a full video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein. I believe it is a (quasi) mitzvah to watch this evil monster (rasha gamur) who killed millions of people get what he deserved. An execution by shooting would have been cooler, but this will have to do.

The main sites are only showing up to the point of the noose being placed around Saddams neck. For those of us who want more than that, I searched long and hard and finally found some links pointing through the Drudge Report to a video uploaded to Google Video. This video, as you will see if you watch it, is not the official video of the execution. Rather it is a video taken on somebody's cellphone.

"באבוד רשעים רינה" - Rejoice in the downfall of the evil.


  1. rejoice in the downfall of evil?

    what about uz yashir?

  2. if I understood your comment correctly, you are asking that by the splitting of the sea God told the angels not to sing praise, because "My creations are drowning", so one should not rejoice in the downfall of evil. is that your question?

    if it is, do not forget - Hashem told the angels not to sing, but the Jews were allowed, even supposed to, sing praise. The Jews had suffered at the hands of the Egyptians, and it was normal and even obligatory for them to sing praise.

    Saddam was evil and terrorized humanity. He specifically was dedicated to trying to wipe out the Israel and the Jewish people. He shot Scud missiles on Israel wth no provocation. The last words he said included a declaration of Palestine being Arab (he had nothing else on his mind in his last moments?). He was an evil peson worthy of our rejoicing at his downfall.

  3. while you may catch some flak for putting this up - it's no worse than your shechting photos - so yasher koach!

  4. Rafi, yes you understood the question correctly.

    However, along that vein, the gemara states that a bet din thatenforces the death penalty once in 70 years is a 'bloodthirsty' court. R'Akiva? even goes on to present a preposterous pilpul to the effect that the death penalty can never be enforced because, 'perhaps the victim had a hole appear in his chest a moment before the knife struck.'

    The point is that while we want to satisfy the natural instinct to kill, especially for revenge and fear, it is not a respectable goal.

    Personally I sympathise with R'Akiva's train of thought, not his partuclar example but his thought process of 'we just don't know the minutia of every detail.'

    Who really knows the precise details of what Saddam did or did not do? This doesn't mean that I disagree or don't rejoice in his downfall, but the death penalty is not a crime of passion, it is the deliberate and calculated decision.

    And then there are all the other reasons. For example, how many Iraqi civilians have died in this war? 40,000? Do you think that The Prsident should be sent to a similar tribunal?

    And then there is the idea that the goal in Iraq is to stop Tribal killings of retribution. Could Sassam's execution not be classified as such, mocked by shiites a moment before he died and captured during a war which was prosecuted by the son of the man Saddam tried to have killed... well you get the point.

  5. Dan - the post and the rejoicing had nothing to do with my position on the death penalty. Had he been sentenced to solitary confinement for 5000 years that would also be cause to rejoice.

    It happens to be that you are right and Jews are not supposed to be in favor of the death penalty. It takes an awful lot of techbnical details to come together for someone to qualify for death in a Jewish court, and was extremely rare.

  6. Exclusive Video: UNCUT

  7. The Jews had suffered at the hands of the Egyptians!!! As i know all the world suffers from Israel !!! Please let me know
    How is the Jews had suffered from the Egyptians?

    BTW, I am Egyptian and I do not carry any hard feelings towards Jews, but really I need to know ur point of view !


  8. Mohamed - thanks for taking the time to comment and clarify.

    What I was referring to is not any modern day event at which the Jews suffered in the hands of the Egyptians.
    Rather, Dan asked about a reference from the Bible in which the Jews were enslaved for a couple hundred years in Egypt and when the Jews left Egypt through the desert they went through the sea which God split in order to save them.
    The Jews then sang a song of praise (all in the bible/Torah). It is related in the midrash that the angels wanted to sing praise of God as well, but God stopped them and said they could not because one should not sing praise at the downfall of Gods creations.
    Yet the Jews did sing the song because they had suffered in slavery at the hands of the Egyptians, while the angels had not.

    I hope that clarifies the matter for you.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  9. It is weird to watch, it really is. Surreal.

  10. Thank you Rafi for this valuable information, and sorry for the misunderstanding

  11. that's fine Mohamed. My pleasure. Anytime you want to clarify something I can help with , it will be my pleasure....

    freudian - you are right. it did have a surreal feeling..


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