Mar 29, 2015

Kosher Shirts

a local ad book carried the following ad:

The ad does not even say anything about Pesach, but it is promoting something they call "kosher shirts".

Unfortunately, the ad does not say these shirts are mehadrin, or what specific hechsher they are supervised by, so my assumption can only be that these are Rabbanut shirts, not Badatz. They are probably not reliably, either, glatt, or cholov yisroel. They definitely are not kosher lpesach, even if you eat/wear kitniyot.

And worse is that they don't even explain what a kosher shirt is.

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  1. There's a women's store in Center 1 that has what they call "chultzot bassis mehadrin," which are the basic shirts, sort of like the simple Danskin ones from the 1950's and '60's, but with darts, which possibly mean there's less "stretching."

  2. It says black and white. Undoubtedly charedi.

    I assume this is bet shemesh, where you can't advertise pix.


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