Mar 17, 2015

Mock Israeli elections

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In honor of the Israeli elections, for today only, there will be a poll running on this blog -a mock elections of sorts.

Anybody can vote, but only once (yeah, you can probably easily scam the system, but this poll is really meaningless, so why bother?), wherever you live in the world, and no matter what country you are or are not a citizen of.

You can vote here for the party you actually voted for, or you can vote for who you'd like to vote for, or you can vote for a party you'd never actually vote for. But you only get one vote. Poll closes tonight at 9:30 PM, half an hour before actual Israeli polls close.

So, go to the top of the right sidebar, and place your vote!

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  1. The columns are not aligned correctly. When the results show my vote going to the choice above the one that i clicked on. Thanks, Enjoy Election day tomorrow.

  2. thats weird, but I have no control over that. the blogger widget to create the poll builds the entire thing, only asking me what the choices should say. to me it looks fine, but maybe it isnt working properly


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